SCCTO with Mumfection: Before the conference

ShesConnected Conference 2012

Thanks to my friend over at mumfection.com, I was lucky enough to attend a wonderful women’s blogging conference called “Shes Connected.” I must say, at first I was wary about attending since I’m relatively new to the blogging world and still trying to get this blog to be what I envisioned it to be but I am sooo happy I got to go. I learned so much and met so many wonderful and inspiring people. Plus, I got to show my friend around Toronto and gosh, did we have fun or what?

Obviously this all happened last week but life gets in the way of blogging sometimes and I am sorry but my body still needs to recuperate from everything and it didn’t help that I had to work all week this week. So, here I am, writing this post now, better late than never right?

It all started Thursday afternoon when I went to pick up my friend at the airport. Her flight was delayed but I figured it would be when I saw multiple flights coming from the west coast being delayed before her flight. I must say, I was getting a bit antsy while waiting for her though, super excited and anxious. Although, while I was waiting patiently in front of the arrival gates, I saw people sneaking in. I’m pretty sure those doors say authorized personnel only but people inside waiting for their bags, came up to the gate (since it’s automatic) and let their friends in. It made me want to sneak in because one of the times when the doors opened I caught a glimpse of my friend waiting patiently for her luggage but I decided to be a good girl and stay on the right side of the gates.

Eventually my friend came out and I was so happy to see her =) Immediately, got a cab and to where she was staying. She took some pictures of the place she was staying over at her blog. We dropped off her things and took off for a night on the town. Our original plans sort of had to be changed around a bit but we knew that that was a possibility, so we did as much as we could.

I took her on a stroll through downtown Toronto and to Dundas Square and Eaton Centre. Later in the evening a friend of mine joined us and we all walked to Sneaky Dee’s but not without passing a beautiful shot of the old parliament building (I think that’s what it is) while the sun was setting. And this is where I will leave this post for today.

PS: Sneaky Dee’s Greek style nachos were awesome.


Exam done!

So, I took my GREs yesterday. How do I feel about it? Well, considering I worked everyday for about 4 days up to my exam date and the fact that I only really started hardcore studying about two weeks before the exam, I did better than I thought but I definitely felt like I could do better. I am considering taking the exam again in a month but for now, you won’t be reading any posts about me studying anymore. At least for the next few days.

Well because my friend is coming into town for a woman’s blogging conference called She’s Connected and I will be attending said conference with her. I am currently on the bus on my way to the airport to pick her up. Can’t wait to see her!

Well I’ll blog to you guys later 🙂


Life is getting in the way of studying…

Yes I am a huge procrastinator but I am and have always been very well aware of how much time I need to accomplish what I need to do till the last minute. That is why procrastinating has never really gotten in the way of my schooling but due to some changes at work, I am now royally screwed.

I am officially working every day up till my exam day. Yes, some of those shifts aren’t full day shifts however, the weekend ones are. First of all, I rarely work Sundays, second of all, I haven’t worked a Monday in awhile too. What is going on? I am now officially screwed for my exam. Lovely eh?

Oh and I just got my period today, so tomorrow I will be in pain while working a full 8 hour shift. Great!

Now I am just thinking about how I am going to make all of this work. I am super stressed out right now. Ugh. I can’t wait till my exam is done so I can relax and have some fun.

In other news, I tried another tea from David’s Tea that I got the other day to help me study. It’s called Chocolate Rocket. It’s another mate that is supposed to help energize me. Let’s hope this works, planning on staying up till I finish taking some notes tonight.


Procrastinating by working out?

I must say, I had quite the productive day yesterday which left me pooped at the end of the night. That is why this post is going up this morning instead of last night.

I woke up and made myself some tea to bring with me to school (I head to my old university to study because I don’t know where else to go that’s near my place). I had bought a few teas from David’s Tea the other day to try to help me study. Today’s pick was Honey Bee. It’s a mate and its supposed to help give me some energy.

I don’t know if it really did or not but it just smelled and tasted delicious. It was a great choice to bring with me to sip on all day while I studied.

So, after my tea was ready, I headed to the school and found me a spot in the library to study. Eventually I had to move, if you follow me on twitter, you’ll know why. The library use to be a such a quiet place to study but yesterday, it wasn’t. I ended up moving and headed to a quieter area that had a plug but it wasn’t really meant for studying, like there was a bench to sit on but no desk. It was also fine and dandy there for awhile till people plopped themselves down next to me and started talking and stuff. Thank goodness, I had to meet up with my friend soon after.

I met up with my friend for a bite to eat and a break from studying, she had a break between her classes so we just chatted. It was a nice mental break but I was definitely starting to feel the stress by that point. When she had to head to her next class, I decided the school was too packed with people, and headed home.

On the bus ride home, I decided to head home and work out. I was stressed and I really didn’t want to open my books up so to speak for an hour before I had to head to work. I am not good with working out but lately with the studying, I have also gotten back into it. I usually just go on the elliptical, I really need to learn how to use the other machines because I have no upper body strength.

I can’t decide if I am working out to procrastinate or if I am working out to relieve stress.

Since studying, I must say, I have become a little bit more healthy. I am watching what I eat more, and working out. As they say, “healthy body, healthy mind” right? Hopefully this will do me some good for my exam.

Anybody have any tips for studying for the GRE? I need all the help I can get.


Finding what works…

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!! Hope everyone is giving happy thanks to everyone. On that note, thank you all!

Today, I tried something new to get me to focus on studying. I decided to time myself/make myself study for a certain duration of time. It actually worked pretty well. It was hard at first to focus myself but during that duration, I made sure I wouldn’t open anything else on my computer nor open anything on my phone. I did however look at the timer a few times and it actually surprised me at how little of an attention span I had at first. I think I may have found the trick to getting me to study. After that, I would take a break also timed and then I went back to studying for another timed duration.

Today I started with 1 hour timed study periods and 30 min break in between another 1 hour session. I know I need to improve it but it was my first time trying this. So, we will see how this works. I need to somehow work myself into timed durations that are similar to that of the GRE exam so I can get use to that pattern. Hope this continues to work.

In other news, yesterday I bought some tea from David’s Tea to help me study. It’s starting to get a bit colder here so it will be nice to have a nice tea with me while I study.

Who knew a timer would help me study and make me more productive?