Finding what works…

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!! Hope everyone is giving happy thanks to everyone. On that note, thank you all!

Today, I tried something new to get me to focus on studying. I decided to time myself/make myself study for a certain duration of time. It actually worked pretty well. It was hard at first to focus myself but during that duration, I made sure I wouldn’t open anything else on my computer nor open anything on my phone. I did however look at the timer a few times and it actually surprised me at how little of an attention span I had at first. I think I may have found the trick to getting me to study. After that, I would take a break also timed and then I went back to studying for another timed duration.

Today I started with 1 hour timed study periods and 30 min break in between another 1 hour session. I know I need to improve it but it was my first time trying this. So, we will see how this works. I need to somehow work myself into timed durations that are similar to that of the GRE exam so I can get use to that pattern. Hope this continues to work.

In other news, yesterday I bought some tea from David’s Tea to help me study. It’s starting to get a bit colder here so it will be nice to have a nice tea with me while I study.

Who knew a timer would help me study and make me more productive?

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