Procrastinating by working out?

I must say, I had quite the productive day yesterday which left me pooped at the end of the night. That is why this post is going up this morning instead of last night.

I woke up and made myself some tea to bring with me to school (I head to my old university to study because I don’t know where else to go that’s near my place). I had bought a few teas from David’s Tea the other day to try to help me study. Today’s pick was Honey Bee. It’s a mate and its supposed to help give me some energy.

I don’t know if it really did or not but it just smelled and tasted delicious. It was a great choice to bring with me to sip on all day while I studied.

So, after my tea was ready, I headed to the school and found me a spot in the library to study. Eventually I had to move, if you follow me on twitter, you’ll know why. The library use to be a such a quiet place to study but yesterday, it wasn’t. I ended up moving and headed to a quieter area that had a plug but it wasn’t really meant for studying, like there was a bench to sit on but no desk. It was also fine and dandy there for awhile till people plopped themselves down next to me and started talking and stuff. Thank goodness, I had to meet up with my friend soon after.

I met up with my friend for a bite to eat and a break from studying, she had a break between her classes so we just chatted. It was a nice mental break but I was definitely starting to feel the stress by that point. When she had to head to her next class, I decided the school was too packed with people, and headed home.

On the bus ride home, I decided to head home and work out. I was stressed and I really didn’t want to open my books up so to speak for an hour before I had to head to work. I am not good with working out but lately with the studying, I have also gotten back into it. I usually just go on the elliptical, I really need to learn how to use the other machines because I have no upper body strength.

I can’t decide if I am working out to procrastinate or if I am working out to relieve stress.

Since studying, I must say, I have become a little bit more healthy. I am watching what I eat more, and working out. As they say, “healthy body, healthy mind” right? Hopefully this will do me some good for my exam.

Anybody have any tips for studying for the GRE? I need all the help I can get.

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