SCCTO with Mumfection continued…

Day 1 of the Conference:

Since I don’t drive, I had to wake up at a pretty ridiculous hour (5am) to get ready, head to where my friend was staying and then get to the conference site. Can you tell that the 8am start was a wee bit early for my liking?

Once I picked my friend up, we headed to the conference site which is right around the corner from the CN Tower that was all fogged up.

Once we got there it was time to get in line, get checked in, get our stuff and get breakfast plus a place to sit for the morning keynote speaker. I have to say I felt like I was the new girl in school, didn’t know where to sit, felt a bit awkward and out of place but luckily I was with my friend. Nobody made me feel that way, just my own social awkwardness. After the keynote speaker, they made us mingle. The whole point of the conference was to meet and make connections but it was still awkward for me. I am a newbie blogger in a way, and it’s not like my blog fits in any of the categories there but I just followed my friend along, and we chatted with a few people. Met an amazing blogger that taught us a lot about stuff we did not know about. It was a pleasure to meet you @mommymatter =)

After the keynote, everyone went off into their separate ways. We all went to different workshops, walked around and looked at different sponsors that were there and stuff. It was a busy day and I won’t bore you with all the details but will list a few of my favourite things and not so favourite things.

Favourite workshop attended on Day 1: How to write a blog post

– That workshop made me want to take down my blog posts but gave me lots of great tips and am excited to use those after this post.

Favourite drink: Mcdonald’s Mango and Pineapple Smoothie

Weirdest swag: a loaf of bread

Not so favourite thing: lash glue that took my eyelashes off with it but the lashes looked pretty =)


Day 1 was a busy day, packed with getting swag and attending workshops. Didn’t meet as many people because everyone was just going going gone. There was so much to do and gosh I felt like we did it all. I think that was why we were so tired after that we decided to skip the 80s party.  In retrospect, we probably should have spaced out seeing some of the sponsors rather than doing everything all in one day but it did make for the second day to be much more relaxing and connection filled.

Day 2 of the Conference:

After Day 1, my friend and I decided we didn’t have to head over to the conference right when it started. So, I didn’t have to wake up at a ridiculous hour and took my time to meet up with my friend. We still got there at a decent time to have breakfast and listen to the morning keynote speaker but day 2 was definitely much more relaxing than day 1.

It was the day that we probably made the most connections and met the most amazing people. We even cried a bit during the Facing Cancer talk. All the speakers and the attendees of that talk were truly amazing and a real inspiration.

After the Facing Cancer talk, we were at an emotional state where we just felt like we couldn’t stay for the closing. So, instead we headed back to her place and went off to eat. The night before we had spotted a place called “The Grilled Cheese” and well my friend and I have a love for cheese and decided to check it out. They had some pretty awesome grilled cheese sandwiches =) I got mushroom madness and it was yummy.

After our grilled cheese dinners, we headed back to my friends place and got ready for the fifty shades of grey themed party.

Let’s not talk about the party and just how drunk and crazy we got. Let’s just leave it at the fact that we had an awesome day 2 =)

Thanks again mumfection!

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