Learning to read again

I don’t remember when it happened or why but I stopped reading. I mean I would still read every so often but not like I use to when I was a child and could disappear in a book or two for a couple days or so and come back to reality only wishing to be lost in another book. I remember the days when I would reach for a book but now, I choose to watch a show or listen to a song. What happened to the days lost in books, imagining a life that isn’t my own but a life created in part by the book and in part by my own imagination?

Somewhere between elementary school and high school, I lost that. Now as I have grown older, I miss it but clearly not enough for me to be reaching for books as readily as I use to. So, because of what I want to do with my life, and because of this blog, I am trying to teach myself to read again. This time, it’s a more focused reading. I want to learn more about psychology but not in a textbook way but in readable books kind of way. I never read any of my textbooks when I went to college anyways. I would start off the year well and read a chapter or two but then I would give up. I didn’t learn much academically, I learned a lot from living on campus, from the people I have met, from the experience of being in college but not from the school work itself. It’s sad because it is those marks that matter the most ultimately and I am so afraid my marks just aren’t high enough for me to get into Grad School. I should be working on my applications and I will but I also need to get back to finding these simple pleasures such as reading and learning through non academic ways. I always learned the most when I would randomly do my own research on random things when I was younger. One of the main reasons why I know so many random facts is that natural curiousity of mine.

This is a reason why you see a goodreads widget on my sidebar now. I will be writing about the books I read, not reviewing them per se but more like responding to them.

I really want this blog to help me learn more about psychology and how to get myself to becoming a psychologist/counsellor/therapist. I want to help people but I can’t do that unless I learn more and in order to do that, I need to read more.

So, today, I read. When was the last time you read?

8 thoughts on “Learning to read again

  1. Hey, it does my heart good to read this. But I am a writer/writing teacher, so it figures. Still, I am please to see someone wanting to read more.

  2. I most recently read “The Boy Detective Fails” by Joe Meno. It was so great. I am also reading “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott and “The Happiness Trap,” by Russ Harris, as well as “On Writing” by Stephen King. I am currently very slow at reading non-fiction but a bit fast at reading fiction. I started “For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Hemingway and that one is going slow. All of this is because I had a similar awakening of “woah, I haven’t read a real book in a long time…”and now I’m trying, but it really does take a lot of effort to tune down the desire to watch a show and read instead, or to be sure that I bring a book with me on the bus or to a coffee place when I also bring my computer for work purposes. I love the books though 🙂

      1. Having a bunch of them around is a good first step…is there a great used book store near you? Walking in there with a few bucks can let you walk out with lots of soft and amazing books to read!

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