Think About It Thursday: Hot Apple Cider or Hot Chocolate?

My friend over at Mumfection who has gotten me into blogging, does these Think About It Thursday Posts every week.  I decided to join up this week and post about their topic.

This Week’s Topic: Hot Apple Cider or Hot Chocolate?

I have to admit, I don’t think I have ever drank hot apple cider. So, I guess I would have to say hot chocolate. I love having a hot chocolate on a cold winter morning, it keeps me feeling all warm inside and like I’m still in bed. Now obviously, it wouldn’t be much of a think about it thursday if I just ended it there.

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So, let’s really think about it. Is Hot Apple Cider better for you? Or is Hot Chocolate better for you?

Right off the bat, I would think that Hot Apple Cider would be better for you rather than Hot Chocolate.

Instead of just making assumptions, I decided to do a little research.

I quickly found a Huffington post called “Warm Up! The Health Benefits (and Pitfalls) of 5 Fall Drinks

According to that post, apple cider has the nutritional health benefits of apples but it’s downfall is in how much sugar it has in it. Remember the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, well apples do have Vitamin C, fibre and a little bit of iron and potassium, so there is some truth to that saying. You can get those benefits too by drinking apple cider versus eating an apple.

However, according to that same post, hot chocolate doesn’t have to be that bad for you. They suggest using skim milk and our own homemade chocolate syrup. I don’t know about you but I might be too lazy for that but if you aren’t, skim milk will give you all the great benefits of milk without the fat and studies have shown that chocolate especially dark chocolate can be good for your heart and has antioxidants.

So, both have their benefits. However, I continued to search the webs for more information and I came across this post about The Health Benefits of Apple Cider. According to this post, if you add a bit of cinnamon to your hot apple cider, it can give you more benefits because cinnamon has antibacterial and antioxidant properties. According to the blog post, so not only will you get all the vitamins from the apples but also the antibacterial and antioxidant properties of cinnamon.

But I’m not done yet, this is mostly psychology focused blog, so what are the benefits to the brain?

According to this post, drinking hot chocolate can help you think better because chocolate has something called flavinoids in it that can help increase the blood flow and oxygen to your brain. Who knew snacking on chocolate while studying could be a good thing?

Now, I couldn’t specifically find a post for apple cider, but there was one on the benefits of apples. According to that post, apples can also help prevent/protect you from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

So, the verdict, they both have amazing benefits but you might want to cut down on the sugar in that apple cider of yours and add a bit of cinnamon and you might want to make your hot chocolate homemade.

Which do you prefer? Which do you think is better for you?


6 thoughts on “Think About It Thursday: Hot Apple Cider or Hot Chocolate?

  1. I think the healthiest option would be a dark chocolate mayan chili hot chocolate. all dark chocolate, minimal dairy and they chili revs up your metabolism. I dunno 😀

  2. I would have never thought about comparing health benefits. It’s interesting to see the differences between the drinks. Although like you, I picked hot cocoa.

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