Reflections: Life and just 2012 overall

This year has been a really good year for me. It was one where I finally learned to live life to the fullest. I tried a bunch of new things, went out with friends more to different places (restaurants) and such and really pushed myself to get my butt going. I started this blog to help me focus and I really do feel like I will be going into 2013 with more of a focus on my career goals. For once, I was in control.

And if you didn’t read any of my previous posts, here’s a mini recap:

I realized that I’m just not meant for love right now, I need to focus on my own goals. Love can wait or it can be wherever I choose to go but I will not go wherever it wants to go. And even if I act like I am in love because I just feel a special connection with the guy, it doesn’t mean I am in love. I am ok being just friends with him because we are both just focusing on our careers and if life takes us back to each other, than that’s great but I don’t expect anything from it.

I realized I have the best friends a person could have. I love them and I wish that they could see what I see because they are just truly amazing. I am a lucky girl to have so many friends that I know will have my back in a heartbeat. So watch out! Don’t mess with me! lol. I love the connections I have made with my friends that are just everlasting. No matter how long we don’t see each other or talk to each other, when we see each other next it’s like no time has past.

I realized that I think my family have realized how to get along with each other again but no matter what, we all know that we will always be there for one another.

I realized that I was just scared when it came to more schooling and getting in. Applications are a scary thing. I just don’t want to fail because I don’t know what I would do if I did.

I realized that I made changes for the better this time throughout the year and they have made me happier again.

And now, it is the end of 2012 and all I can say is that life has been good to me this year. I got to do a bit of travelling, I got to see friends I hadn’t seen in ages and most importantly, I got over my fear just a little bit in regards to furthering my career.

I hope that 2013 will continue on to be great and I’m sure that it will because I will be starting it off with a trip to Vegas on my birthday which is in 2 days =)

I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year! I will write one more post before I fly off and enjoy a little birthday trip. Wish you all the very best in the New Year!



Reflections: Changes

A lot of people make New Year’s Resolutions but how many people have followed through? How many people didn’t make resolutions but have noticed that they have made changes throughout the year?

I am one who doesn’t really make New Year’s Resolutions but will notice how I’ve changed as the year ends like now. So, I really wanted to take the time to reflect on the changes I have made this year, that have been good or maybe ones that have been bad for me.

One thing I have definitely focused on this year, was trying new things and it has definitely gotten me excited to go out and see the world. I definitely went out more this year to different things, then before where it would always be the same thing. It has helped me change from being someone who use to always be bored because I never did anything, to someone who actually feels like she has a life. That in itself, has lifted my moods dramatically. I realize now that being at home all day, made me lazy and depressed, while being busy, you don’t have time to be depressed or lazy because you have something else to do. Although, I do miss my lazy days, being busy has helped me stay focused as well due to time restraints, I have to get things done on a deadline and it has helped. I also don’t feel as bad if I don’t get it done because I was extremely busy and therefore I am not depressed that I am lazy. Don’t know if that makes any sense at all.

What I changed the most this year was how much I went out and how many new things I did. Amazing what something so little can do for someone. Don’tchathink?

What changes have you noticed you have made throughout the year that has changed you?


Reflections: School/Work

I don’t really have much to say about school, except that this year, I finally get my focus back in this area. This year I feel like I finally got my act together. I may not be there yet completely but everyone needs to do things on their own terms and in their own time. I am fine with being myself and taking my time with this. What’s the rush? School will always be there.

As for work, I really need a new job. I feel like I have been working at the same place for far too long. I need a change and most importantly, I really need to get out of retail. It’s just so draining some times but what is a girl to do when she’s got no other experience? Why does EVERYONE looking for people require experience? Where do people get experience if not from starting somewhere?

I put both of these together because in the end, I hope my schooling will lead to a career in my field. I may not have a lot to write about this year, but maybe next year I’ll have more because I should be this much closer to my dream of becoming a psychotherapist.

What is your dream job?


Reflections: Family

Family, you can’t live with them but you can’t live without them. I am very fortunate to have the family that I do because no matter what happens, through thick and thin, we’ve got each other’s backs. At the end of the day, that’s what family should be about.

I do have to say though that we have had our ups and downs but this year, it has been good and I was lucky enough to go back this year to see my family.

Another reason why “alone does not have to be lonely” is because yes, I am alone here but I also know that my family will always be there for me if I need them so I’m never truly alone in life. I do make a lot of my own decisions and they trust me. I’m lucky to have as supportive of a family as I do. I am mostly talking about my immediate family but I do have some aunts, uncles, cousins and even my grandparents that I know that are quite supportive of me and love me just the same. I am one of the lucky ones. To be honest, I am one of the lucky ones, even in my own extended family. I think because, they don’t know what to think of me most of the time. I don’t really fit in anywhere in the family but in that same strange way in which I don’t fit in, I also do fit in.

I admit that my immediate family and I have sort of lost touch with some of our extended family but we all have our own lives and that’s how I am going to think of it. I use to hate part of my extended family but now, I kind of feel sorry for them. No matter what, I do wish them all well.

Just because it’s not Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other Family-oriented holiday, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell your family thanks and remind them that you love them.

When was the last time you said thanks and that you love your family to your family? And if you aren’t close with your family because not all family is the same, when was the last time you said thanks or tell the people you would consider family that you love them?


There is one thing that really spoke to me when it came to family and it’s this music video that WongFu Productions made for Magnetic North and Taiyo Na.


Reflections: Friends

Today’s reflection topic is: Friends

My friends mean the world to me. When you’ve got no family around, those are your people, your family, at least for me. I have some of thee best friends anyone can have. Sometimes I wonder, how do they put up with me but they do and I love them for it. Thank you Thank You Thank You!!

This year has been a great year for friends. I have enjoyed new experiences with some of them and reconnected with some old friends. It’s been an awesome year for friends. I have also made new friends, which is always a plus.

I have to say, this is a year I have done the most. In the past, I mostly stayed home and occasionally went out for dinners/lunches/clubs with my friends but usually to the same old places. This year, one of my friends and I at least have made it a point to try out a new restaurant each time we decided to meet up for dinner or lunch. So, trying out new restaurants has been fun. We also tried out new clubs in different areas of Toronto, which has also been interesting. I’ve also went out and done other things like go to a baseball game and to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. It’s been interesting and I have really enjoyed enjoying new things. I feel like this year, I have truly enjoyed life and all these little things have definitely made me happier because for once, I felt like I was doing something with my life and not just sitting at home being lazy and unproductive. At least now, I am unproductive for a reason. lol. I am actually doing something.

As for reconnecting with old friends, it has been amazing to see/talk to someone you haven’t talked to or seen in ages and have it be like no time has passed. I love that feeling, like nothing has changed between the friendship even though lots of things have changed in between. These are the friends I know that even if we don’t talk for awhile, we can definitely pick up where ever we have left off and that’s just a beautiful thing.

I know some people think that if you haven’t spoken to someone in awhile then you are no longer friends but sometimes, it’s not so black and white and I still consider some friends of mine whom I haven’t spoken to in awhile to be a friend. Obviously, that’s not true for every friend, just the special ones =)

I don’t know what I would have done without my friends all my life. I have been fortunate to have finally found a great set of friends I can always count on no matter what. It hasn’t been easy finding these friends but I am very thankful to have them in my life.

Thank you for putting up with me and my straightforward, blunt and truthful self. I know it’s not always easy hearing the truth, trust me, I hate hearing it myself but if us friends don’t tell each other the truth, who will?

I love you guys!

❤ Sarah