Coming Full Circle

4 days ago, I read an amazing blog post called The “Enjoy Life” Mission is Not to be “Happy”

Today, I watched a YouTube video called “What Gives You Purpose?” from sxephil (Philip DeFranco).

You are probably wondering how these two seemingly random things relate but at the end of the blog post, she had asked a question “Do you think you’d have fun as an Internet Sensation?” and well the YouTube video is from a guy whom some would say is an “Internet Sensation” and I guess that is how my brain linked the two together. But it is more than just that.

“It’s about noticing the many ways we run away from the present moment, and making the choice, sometimes at least, to feel something new.” ~ Jennifer Stuart

“..real value in life is accruing value in life, making experiences, doing things, connecting.” ~ Philip DeFranco

Those two quotes made me think about what I did differently this year. For the first time, I started to choose to experience new things, to try new things, to do more, to see more, and in return I have “enjoyed” life more and it has motivated me to do more with my life.

Today’s post is going to mostly focus on the YouTube video I just watched as I have already made a long comment on Jennifer’s post on her blog post.

The title of the video and what Philly D asks at the end of the video is “What gives you purpose?”

I responded by saying that for now, it is knowing that I am more than what I am doing right now. Knowing myself as best as I can, not letting other’s define me is what gives me purpose and motivates me. Typing and reading this out loud to myself again, I have realized that this may come off to be very self-centred in a way but it’s not meant to be. (I am currently struggling to put the right words together to explain what I mean but I just can’t seem to find the write words.)

This video and that blog post (some of the comments on the blog post as well), have made me feel like there are people who understand where I am coming from.

For the longest time, I felt lost. A great quote from Philly D from this video “figuring out who I am as a person, that never really ended” I agree, I don’t think that that search will ever end. Another quote “I never really found myself” I say now that I feel like I have “found” myself again but looking back, I haven’t really, I have only just rediscovered my passions.

This video really stood out for me because of this one line though,

“It is ok to feel uncomfortable in your skin, to not have it together, to be fearful, even to be numb, as long as you are actively looking to change your situation.”

I feel like this year, I have finally been doing that. As you may have read in previous posts, I am scared to death of not being able to do what I want to do but I am still going to try now. It has taken me a long time to get here, to feel scared and be ok with that and to push forward to find something that will work for me.

I really enjoyed watching this video and I wanted to share my thoughts about it with my readers. I hope you guys will enjoy it as well.

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