The Beach Dream

I have been interpreting my dreams ever since I learned about dream interpretation. I know that it may not hold any meaning at all but I think that it holds whatever meaning we want to give it. The power of our own minds is quite the powerful thing.

So, I had an interesting dream last night that I felt like interpreting. It had nothing to do with my thoughts before I slept and nothing to do with anything I did that day really.

I dreamt that I had gone to the beach alone. There was something going on at that beach that day. There were a lot of people there. The beach was sort of split up into two sections. One closer to the water and one further away. I stayed in the section further away from the beach and just sunbathed. At one point, the tide got so high, it had gotten to our section even we had to move back. In my section, we had a bit of a covering and it soon was coming off, so some random person and I decided to start taking it down before it hurt someone. After taking it down, I decided to head back home when I saw my coworker. And that is where I woke up.

The site that I use to interpret my dreams is called Dream Moods. I have used it for many years and find it to be the most comprehensive and accurate in a sense.

According to this site, to see a beach in my dream represents the meeting between two states of my mind. The sand being the rational and mental processes while the water represents the irrational and emotional aspects. It’s where there is transition between the spiritual and the physical. In my dream, I was looking out towards the ocean and that is supposed to mean that there are major and unknown changes that are occurring in my life. The dream dictionary on Dream Moods asks me to consider the state of the ocean. It was calm at first then the high tide came and in a sense, swept everyone away.

According to the site, to see tides or tidal waves symbolizes a need for emotional and spiritual cleansing. High tide means high energy. To be carried away by the tidal wave, is supposed to mean that I am ready to make a brand new start in a new place.

I don’t really agree with the site as to what coworker meant in my dream. It talks about highlighting my waking relationship with them and signifies my ambition, struggles, and competitive nature but I think that seeing my coworker near the end of my dream could mean change of job maybe? It was actually my coworker in real life that I saw.

In summary, I think my dream is telling me to get on with my grad school stuff. LOL. Once I do, changes will happen, as I am planning on moving and starting afresh. Hopefully not just in school but work wise as well.

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