Reflections: School/Work

I don’t really have much to say about school, except that this year, I finally get my focus back in this area. This year I feel like I finally got my act together. I may not be there yet completely but everyone needs to do things on their own terms and in their own time. I am fine with being myself and taking my time with this. What’s the rush? School will always be there.

As for work, I really need a new job. I feel like I have been working at the same place for far too long. I need a change and most importantly, I really need to get out of retail. It’s just so draining some times but what is a girl to do when she’s got no other experience? Why does EVERYONE looking for people require experience? Where do people get experience if not from starting somewhere?

I put both of these together because in the end, I hope my schooling will lead to a career in my field. I may not have a lot to write about this year, but maybe next year I’ll have more because I should be this much closer to my dream of becoming a psychotherapist.

What is your dream job?

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