Lady Gaga and Counselling: I know I’m late to the party

I know I’m a bit late to this news but this blog is about psychology. So, I thought better late than never. I have been away and been super busy before I went away but these are no excuses.

So, if you haven’t already heard, Lady Gaga is providing counselling on tour. Here’s a link to an article about it and I’m sure if you google it, more will come up.

What are my thoughts on this?

I think it’s a great idea but I guess until I see it for myself, I don’t really think it’s that practical or helpful.

Counselling isn’t a one hour miracle cure. Although, meeting people with similar interests and problems could be helpful since a lot of the time, it’s the fact that we need support from others who understand us more than anything else. Although, people who have mental health issues helping/supporting others with mental health issues may not always be the smartest idea.

I do also understand that Lady Gaga is doing this to take away from the stigma of going to counselling and of mental health issues in general, which I definitely applaud her for. I am really curious as to how it all works and hope that these kids do go to the counselling portion and get something real out of it. I hope that they get referred to counsellors or referred to crisis lines, professionals that can really help and spend the time to help because I know it’s not the easiest thing to talk to professionals when you are a child and when you are excited to see a tour? I personally would have forgotten all my worries and depression because the excitement and adrenaline rush would take over and I’d be happy not depressed. Hopefully that is just me.

I honestly, hope it helps some kids out there but as I’m sure you can tell, I have a lot of doubt. It’s hard to open up and talk about these things let alone right before a concert, which you’d be excited about.

Well, that’s my two cents and I am hoping to post more this year. Also, if you would like to read about my Vegas Birthday Trip, please head over to my tumblr where I will start posting about it very soon. My tumblr is

Till the next post =)

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