Movie-like dreams and Psychic Calls?

Last night I tweeted at like 4 in the morning about dreaming weird and movie dreams. Every so often, I get these dreams that are more like a movie than a random weird dream. I obviously can’t remember what I dreamt right now but what I can’t stop forgetting is something weird that happened to me this morning.

First of all, I like to think of myself as more of a scientist than not. Like I understand why horoscopes “work” and stuff like that but you have to realize I grew up around Buddhism, which let me tell you, is about a lot of things that cannot be explained.

I can tell you a million unexplainable stories that have occurred in my family and other things that I have seen and such but whether you believe it or not, ultimately depends on you.

I feel like I need to say these things because while studying psychology in my undergrad, there was this incessant need to emphasize the scientific aspects of it versus the not-so-scientific. The focus was always about proving ourselves in an empirical matter and everything else just doesn’t matter. I feel like when you are dealing with human beings though, that a little bit of the other stuff does matter. The power of belief right? Some people use religion as a coping method and it works for them, is that wrong? Should we be telling them, that religion is bogus? I don’t think so.

Anyways, sorry about the mini-rant there, but now that I have gotten that out of the way. I can tell you guys what happened this morning.

Originally, I wasn’t supposed to work today. There was a mess up on the schedule but ultimately, I wasn’t supposed to work. However, this morning, I got a call from my co-worker telling me that her son was having an allergic reaction to something and that she’s trying to see if it will go away and that she might need me to go in for her today but that she will call me back. A bit later on, I get another call from that same co-worker telling me that she needed me to go in for her.

Now here is the trippy part. She did NOT call me twice. She only called me the one time when she asked me to go in for her. Not the time before that. I checked my phone, I even asked her later on that day and it’s like wth just happened? Like I said, very strange. Some of you guys may think that it was maybe a longer call and I dozed off in between, but the call only lasted a minute…sooo I don’t think that that would have been possible. I remember telling her to give me a call back if she needed me to go in for her.

Anyways, thought I would share that with you all. Sorry about the lack of meditation monday posts. They will be coming back shortly, I have just been swamped with life.


#MeditationMondays: What is Meditation? and What does it mean to me?

What is Meditation? 

The best definition I have found is from the Medical Dictionary on thefreedictionary.com. They state “Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualization, the breath, movement, or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth.”

What does Meditation mean to me?

The definition above is how I have always felt what meditation meant. So, last week when I wrote that I felt my mind is finally settled enough, I wrote that because in my opinion, meditation is about “concentrated focus”. Also, growing up around Buddhism and the Chinese culture, I remember hearing that it’s bad when your mind wanders while you try to meditate. It can cause you to go down the wrong path (in Buddhism, you meditate to reach enlightenment) if your mind does wander. I guess that was always one of the reasons why I needed to feel settled enough to want to learn to meditate.

Meditation to me is as simple as “concentrated focus”. Have you ever just tuned the world out? Or zoned out? I feel like that’s sort of what meditation is except you are focused on something and doing it consciously versus zoning out. Honestly, I think when we tune the world out or zone out it’s our minds way of telling us, take a time out.


Meditation Mondays: The Beginning

A few days ago, I got this urge to learn to meditate and thought that this would be something I could write about here on this blog. So, I went searching on google about meditation and psychotherapy. Well, it only made me realize that I am no longer a student and can’t access these articles about the topic as easily I use to be able to. Even with that setback, I will still be starting this series called “Meditation Mondays,” which will occur every Monday of this month and possibly next month as well as with updates throughout the year. Hopefully this will help me write blog posts more consistently.

Anyways, before I start with my bit on meditation, I just wanted to give you a quick background story. My grandfather is a Buddhist monk and he meditates. My father also meditates and I believe he teaches people how to meditate.

In the past, I have always felt like my mind just wasn’t settled enough for meditation but a few days ago, I felt like I was settled enough now and that it was time for me to learn. Why do I want to learn how to meditate? I never had an interest in learning before but I feel like it would help me not just personally but in my career as well.

In the following weeks, I am hoping to learn more about meditation, how to meditate, how meditation can help, how meditation and therapy can work together, etc.

Do you meditate? What would you like to know about meditation?