Meditation Mondays: The Beginning

A few days ago, I got this urge to learn to meditate and thought that this would be something I could write about here on this blog. So, I went searching on google about meditation and psychotherapy. Well, it only made me realize that I am no longer a student and can’t access these articles about the topic as easily I use to be able to. Even with that setback, I will still be starting this series called “Meditation Mondays,” which will occur every Monday of this month and possibly next month as well as with updates throughout the year. Hopefully this will help me write blog posts more consistently.

Anyways, before I start with my bit on meditation, I just wanted to give you a quick background story. My grandfather is a Buddhist monk and he meditates. My father also meditates and I believe he teaches people how to meditate.

In the past, I have always felt like my mind just wasn’t settled enough for meditation but a few days ago, I felt like I was settled enough now and that it was time for me to learn. Why do I want to learn how to meditate? I never had an interest in learning before but I feel like it would help me not just personally but in my career as well.

In the following weeks, I am hoping to learn more about meditation, how to meditate, how meditation can help, how meditation and therapy can work together, etc.

Do you meditate? What would you like to know about meditation?

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