Ramblings with an update at the end

I just watched a vlog from JulieG713 and at the end of the vlog, she wrote some personal things but something she wrote sort of spoke out to me and made me think about the internet. The following quote is the sentence from her vlog that made me think about the internet and want to write something here today.

“I never want you to be under the impression that I have a perfect life and am so over the top happy ALL the time.”

This might not seem like anything special but it made me think about other youtubers and the internet and my own internet past. I will admit that I sometimes watch youtubers or even read blogs and wish I was as happy as them or had as perfect of a life as them even though I know that they probably only choose to show us the good stuff and not the bad stuff. Nobody wants to watch someone going through the bad stuff or read angry, depressed posts about their struggles. People want to watch and read things that will uplift them. This is what I learned right before I had started this blog. I use to write a lot of personal stuff because it literally was my journal that just happened to be online. As one of my English teachers in high school had said once, we write to be read (well not those exact words but something along those lines). But now, I want to focus on the good stuff in my life versus the other stuff. Before I continue, I do want to say that when I mean bad stuff, I’m not talking about the drama’s on reality T.V. shows, I’m talking about real life struggles that people go through day-to-day.

As you all know, this blog is where I want to write about psychology or my progress on becoming a psychologist. So, how does that one sentence make me think about psychology?

It made me think about how these youtubers are viewed, some people know like I do, that they tend to show us the good stuff but others find some youtubers to seem fake. I definitely think that some do seem fake to me, which is why I personally love it when youtubers/bloggers reveal something personal without going into too much detail. It reminds me that they are human beings like me and you. I mostly wonder what kind of affect that being on the internet can have. How does it affect them mentally and emotionally? How does it affect the people watching, if they only see the “perfect” side of things? Especially since some of the people watching can be very young. I wonder if it causes people watching to pursue a kind of perfection that’s just not possible for everyone. Will there be a new kind of eating disorder? A kind that has people pursuing a perfect image not just in looks but in life? Are we reverting back to the days of the Stepford wives? Some of these people on the internet may not have had a choice (babies who grow up on the internet). Will be internet famous affect people the same way as being celebrity famous? Will growing up on the internet be the same as being child celebrities?

These are just some of my random thoughts for you. A bit of an inside look into how my mind works.

Now for the update. It’s officially happening, I am moving back to Vancouver at the end of the month. I got in to the school and program I applied for and I’m so excited to continue to pursue my passion once again. So for this month and a bit of the next month, posts may not be very regular but once I start school, I’ll be posting about what I learn, etc.

2 thoughts on “Ramblings with an update at the end

  1. omg I know what you mean the whole zooey deschanel problem. Everyone is like that though you look way different out of context online. I think it will always be like that especially now that companies, old friends and classmates etc…. are trolling your account. You have to be the most “presentable” you possible. It gets tiring….

    1. It does get tiring. I say this because I come from a culture that tends to pride itself on appearances and saving face. I just have a feeling that if these people don’t have true friends in their lives that this could be very damaging to them mentally and emotionally. We can’t keep things bottled up inside forever.

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