to: me – the beginning

*Note: if you have been following my blog from the beginning, there may be repetitive information.*

I started this blog to search for my focus. to: me is like writing letters to myself but not actually. I am using it to help myself…no, make myself research, study, motivate and ultimately get myself to where I want to be in my life and career.

After years of feeling like I am stuck and lost, I finally did it. I took the first step, taking the GRE. Even though the program I ended up applying to does not require the GRE, I know that I will need it in the future and ultimately, I just needed to get over my fear of failing. I didn’t “fail” per se but now that I have taken it again (I took it once a long time ago but wasn’t motivated to study), I know I can do much better.

My second step so to speak, was picking a program that was right for me. I found it so difficult to find a suitable masters program for me in Canada. I find Canadian universities focus too much on research and academia in general and I didn’t want to do research. I had been looking at my options long before I took the GRE but never knew where I would want to end up settling down for the most part. My lack in finding masters options in Canada somehow led me to look up what it would take for me to become licensed and from there I looked to see what schools/programs that may help me to get licensed as a counsellor. This led me to my third step.

The third step was applying to schools. I will be completely honest, I was thinking about moving to California and going to school there BUT I thought about it and me, being the naturally lazy person that I am, knew that I wouldn’t want to deal with school or work visas. Plus I don’t know how to drive and am not sure how I would get around in California, it just seems like everyone there drives. This obviously made me think about where else I would want to go and who doesn’t want to go back “home”? I grew up in Vancouver, so I decided it was time to go back “home” in a sense. That’s when I really started looking into schools in Vancouver from colleges to universities. Eventually I picked a school that I felt could work for me.

Where I am now?
Currently I am writing this on the plane on my way to Vancouver but this post probably won’t go up till the day after. And yes, that is correct, I applied and I got accepted.


Why am I writing this post now?
I know I have been a little MIA lately but as you can tell, a lot has been going on. And I am so excited to share my journey on becoming a counsellor/psychologist/psychotherapist with you guys. My posts will be more regular from now on as I will share with you my thoughts on what I am learning in school and continue to update you on my journey.

Toodles ❤ Sarah

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