November 26, 2013: to: present me

to: present me

Girl, you’ve been slacking!

And yes, this is how I talk to myself in my head. I’ve fallen off the wagon again sort of, but after attending an amazing event put on by the lovely girls of Digitally Yours. I am once again motivated to blog, honestly, to just be part of their lovely community that is soo welcoming and amazingly helpful. Seriously, if you are a blogger in Vancouver, you have got to check out one of their events some time.

Swag from Digitally Yours
Swag from Digitally Yours

Sorry that was off topic. Anyways, originally, I started this blog to be focused on my career but honestly, in order for me to have the quality posts about Psychology and Counselling that I have in mind, I need the time to do the research and with a school that requires finishing a textbook and course in 3 weeks that is nearly impossible. So, what to should I do?

Should I stop this blog altogether? Or should I start posting about other things in my life on this blog as well? I don’t want to lose the focus of this blog but I also need something easier to blog in a way. I had started another blog under the same name on blogspot to blog about everything else but I am wondering how I can turn everything else into something related to my field.

How does going out to eat relate to Psychology and Counselling? How does attending blogging events relate? Can I make everything I do relate to Psychology and Counselling?

I think yes but at the same time, I may be stretching it. To blog all things? Or remain a postless blog?

I guess, we’ll just find out and see.

Lots of love,


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