December 31, 2013: to: me

to: me

This year a lot of big changes had happened. I moved back to Vancouver where I grew up. I took courses on counselling. And lastly, to end this year, I have decided to apply for my Master’s in Counselling.

Ending this year with the decision to apply for Master’s, just means that there are more changes to come next year and I am excited. I have a lot of plans next year, not sure how I am going to do them all but I will.

This year has taught me more and more about myself and shown me just how much I have grown since growing up in Vancouver and going to Toronto for University. As much as we stay the same, we still change and grow and that is how I feel I have ended the year.

As Aesop’s Fable once told us, slow and steady wins the race. I could have applied for Master’s earlier but as I have said in the past, I need to do things at my own pace and not someone else’s and that is what I did. I had to come back home in a sense before I took off again. Vancouver will always be home in my heart because this is where I grew up. Knowing that I can make the move to Vancouver on my own, makes me feel more confident in moving elsewhere in the world.

This year may have been a stepping stone but my motivation and passion for counselling has been reinvigorated. One thing I have learned this year is that some times things will work out and some times it won’t, you just have to know when to end it. And when you do, it doesn’t mean that you failed, it means that it just wasn’t working for you. I will never let anything put a damper on my motivation to be a successful counsellor and do the things I love.

This year has been one amazing year, it might be ending on a down but that just means I have higher to go next year.

I have no regrets because the experience of each choice is worth more than living a life of regrets. I believe one can only grow from accepting one’s experiences and learning from them rather than rejecting them and blaming oneself.

That is what I will leave this post at today.

I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year! Wish everyone all the best in 2014 =)

❤ Sarah

PS: Hoping to revamp my blog in the New Year so watch out for that 😉

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