November 30, 2014 – to: my blog readers

to: my blog readers

I’m sorry I have been gone for so long. I know in my last post I talked about a revamp and not posting till I revamped my blog but I haven’t found the right layout for me and have decided to wait for a coworker/friend of mine to be done school to help me design my blog. So for now, this layout will have to do. I have changed the banner as well as my tagline and with that, the direction of my blog. My new tagline is “a little bit of therapy with a whole lot of life”. It’s difficult to post frequently about psychology and counselling as I believe that those things require time for research, thus I have decided to include more about me and my lifestyle.

So rather than a complete overhaul of my blog, this is more like a reboot as I want to start blogging again. And when I say I want to start blogging again, I mean, I have decided to do “Blogmas”.

I watch a lot of youtubers do “Vlogmas” and I thought why not do “Blogmas”. “Vlogmas” is when a vlogger posts a video everyday of December till Xmas*. So, I am going to attempt to do a blog post every day till Xmas*.

What better way to get back into blogging than by blogging everyday till Xmas?

And guess what, just a couple days ago we got our first snowfall here in the Greater Vancouver Area. So, I leave you off with a picture of our #winterwonderland




❤ Sarah

PS: Photo Credit for my banner is all thanks to Eschelle at mumfection

*Xmas – I am using this spelling because x marks the spot on December 25th. Also, because I don’t want to be religious and offend people by saying “Christmas” nor do I want to be completely politically correct and say “Holidays” because that also offends some people as I have found out while working in retail.

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