Blogmas 2014 Day 1 – First Xmas’

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Since it is December 1st, I figured I can write a little bit about my first Xmas’. I don’t think I have ever mentioned this but I grew up in a family that didn’t celebrate anything, at least not really. Celebrations in my family consisted of maybe an extra special dinner like hotpot and for birthdays, an ice cream cake. That was the extent of my family’s celebrations, no gifts really, at least I don’t remember specific gifts given on celebratory days. Don’t feel bad for me, I never thought I was missing out because my parents gave me “gifts” throughout the year.

Just because I didn’t celebrate Xmas with my family, doesn’t mean I never enjoyed the holidays. My parents use to have a store in a mall and I think that’s where my love for the holidays came from. I’m not a fan of being in the crowded mall but there is something about watching everyone else move around the mall during the holidays, and seeing the festive decorations go up that change the atmosphere of the mall. The first Xmas party/dinner I ever attended was probably the one my parents held for their employees. I remember a few of those Xmas parties/dinners and can’t pin point which was actually the first but they were all a lot of fun as we were a really tight knit team.

The first Xmas party/dinner that I was invited to was a close friend of mine in elementary school and high school’s party. I believe that was also where I had my first taste of eggnog. It was a party/dinner full of their family and some close friends. It was interesting to see so many people just spread throughout my friends home, some watching TV, some chatting, and some playing games.

The first time I volunteered on Xmas was a few years back when I was volunteering at a women’s drop in centre. I didn’t have any plans on Xmas Day and thought I could go help out. It was a lot of fun and it just makes you feel good to give your time to those in need. Everyone was warm and got food and a little gift from the centre. It is definitely something I will never forget and hopefully will do something like it again.

I don’t know how to say this without sounding offending but my first white people Xmas occurred last year. My friend Eschelle at mumfection, invited me over for dinner the night before. After dinner, the kids were sent to bed and once asleep, the grandparents came and dropped off gifts and things to put under their tree. It was amazing to watch it all happen. How the magic of Santa happens for kids. I absolutely loved it and well since we had some drinks that night, I ended up passing out on their couch. So, the next morning I watched as their family celebrated Xmas. Seeing the kids rip open their presents and loving them was a lot of fun. I am so grateful to Eschelle for letting me join in on their celebrations with her kids. It is something I will never forget.

Here’s a flashback photo from last year:

instagram xmas eve dinner 2013


This year I am sure will be full of firsts as well, starting with Blogmas =)

❤ Sarah


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