Blogmas 2014 Day 5 – Xmas is Expensive

to: blogmas 2014

This is the first year I have purchased and will decorate a tree. All I can say is my goodness it can get expensive. I can’t wait to post my boyfriend and mine’s adventure of putting the tree (we got an artificial one) and decorating it. I literally have never really decorated a tree all on my own. There will be a lot of filler ornaments but hopefully as the years go on, my boyfriend and I will accumulate some special ornaments. For now, this will have to do but wow, I did not know how expensive and quickly things can add up. Tree, lights, ornaments, tinsel, and tree skirt. That’s just for the tree. I haven’t included wrapping paper and gifts or anything like that. Also, thankfully my boyfriend and I are not renting like a house or something, because then there will be outside lights and decorations. I was telling my boyfriend that we will need a Xmas fun just for decorating and stuff.

I honestly never knew how quickly all these things can add up, I think I am starting to understand why holidays can be stressful. For me, it’s something my boyfriend and I want to do together, so it’s fun and totally worth it.

When was the first time you bought and decorated a tree? Have you ever bought and decorated a tree??

I end today with a lovely picture of our current rental. I love that my landlords have put up lights. One day, my boyfriend and I will take a walk around and take some pics of all the Xmas-y homes in our neighbourhood. I see them every time we do our #couchto5k and I can’t wait to show you guys =)

Christmas Lights

❤ Sarah

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