Blogmas 2014 Day 6 – The Little Things and Why I am Blogging Now

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As much as I have blogged about the gift buying and the decorations this week, it’s not really about the things I buy but the time that I am spending doing these things with the person I love.

I take joy in finding cute little things to give to my friends. Whether it is the holidays or not.
As for the tree and decorations I talked about yesterday. It was just a bit of sticker shock since I’ve never done this before. For me, it’s about the time I am spending with my boyfriend that is making this holiday special. Whether we are spending that time thinking about fun gifts for our friends and family or time we spend shopping for decorations and such. It gives us the opportunity to spend time together and do things with each other because for the past little while, even though we lived together, we may have only seen each other a few hours every day. So it’s the little things like spending time with loved ones that matter the most. It’s the little things we choose to do together that makes the holidays even merrier. I’m happy to be spending it with someone I love and creating our own traditions and Xmas.

Mini Tree and Advent Calendar

This falls in line with why I’m choosing to start blogging now. One of my biggest worries and reasons why I haven’t blogged in so long is that I’m not entirely sure I know how to write happy. I know that might seem weird but writing was my therapy and I write when I’m sad or angry. It’s always been the best ways to express myself clearly. But writing while happy, that just never happened. I would rather spend my time enjoying the happiness than to write about it. This is why I decided to do blogmas so that I get into the habit of writing while happy. And I am happy and grateful for all my friends and family.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays with their loved ones =)

❤ Sarah

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