Blogmas 2014 Day 9 – Talk about it Tuesday

to: blogmas 2014

As mushy as I have been when I speak about my current boyfriend, we are just like any couple. We have arguments, we upset each other, we annoy each other but nothing is ever always perfect and loving and if it was, it wouldn’t seem real. So, although we have our disagreements, misunderstandings and such, one thing I love about my current boyfriend is that we will talk about it.

Communication is soo important in any relationship especially a romantic one. I can talk for hours with my boyfriend about anything and that’s all great and stuff but the most important part, is that we talk even when we aren’t happy with each other. It’s also the hardest things to do because sometimes, we just want to walk away. Walking away is always easier but the problem doesn’t get resolved and it comes back again. I’m glad though that as tough as it is for him to put up with my crazy, that he does, and that he sticks around and talks about it. That WE talk about it. I find that we grow closer together each fight we have that we talk it out.

When was the last time you talked it out with your significant other?

❤ Sarah

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