Blogmas 2014 Day 12 – Foodie Fridays #vanchristmas edition

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As you know, I went to the Vancouver Christmas Market yesterday. It was a long day of shopping, so I forgot about all the food stuff I had there.

There were quite a few food stalls, which made it difficult to decide what to get. We ended up starting with the Stick Style Pastries. I got Apple Cinnamon and the boyfriend got Chocolate and Blueberry.

Stick Style Pastries


The Stick Style Pastries were tasty and most importantly convenient to eat while walking around the market. The next thing we tried was the pretzels from the Brezelhaus.


The pretzel was ok but a bit hard. After the pretzel, I was getting thirsty and decided to give traditional mulled wine a try.



I’ll be honest, I am not a huge fan of warm alcohol. When I first got the mug of mulled wine, I would breathe in and get choked up on the alcoholic scent. Anyways, even though I wasn’t a fan of the mulled wine, I loved how they made you put a deposit down for the mug and if you wanted your deposit back, you just had to return the mug. If you didn’t, you got to keep the mug as a souvenir. Yes, I kept the mug as a souvenir, how could I not when it says Vancouver Christmas Market 2014 on it? The last food stop for me was the maple taffy.

IMG_0236.JPGThis maple taffy was very drippy. I was having trouble not dripping everywhere. It felt like I was eating maple syrup. I wish it was a little bit more solid but I think it just wasn’t cold enough. It probably didn’t help that I was eating it over my mug of mulled wine.

And that was all that I ate at the Vancouver Christmas Market. If you went, what did you eat there?

❤ Sarah


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