Blogmas 2014 Day 13 – Different Cultures and Christmas

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Canada is known to be a multicultural country but it seems like everyone these days celebrate Christmas to some extent.

I feel as if I hear more people of different cultures putting up trees and celebrating to some extent. I’m curious if parents from different cultures feel pressured to celebrate because of the commercialization of Christmas or because they don’t want their kids to feel left out at school? I know we learned about other cultures who celebrate things around this time like Hanukah or Kwanzaa but the cultures I am talking about are the ones who don’t have celebrations around this time.

To be honest, it makes me feel like an anomaly. My family never “celebrated” Christmas nor did my parents need to explain to me why we didn’t. The most my family did was make a special dinner but we still ate together like normal. I guess maybe if my extended family was here, we might have celebrated but the point is is that they weren’t and we didn’t really celebrate. There was no gifts and no tree. I think we may have put up Christmas lights one year and they just stayed on the fence all year round but I can’t really remember. I’m sure my family aren’t the only ones but it makes me curious, how many families out there don’t celebrate by not celebrating I mean, no Christmas decorations, no Christmas tree and definitely no presents.

Growing up in Canada, I had to celebrate to some extent due to school whether it be the “Christmas” concert or just giving all your friends cards and such. To be honest, I don’t actually remember giving out Christmas cards but I do remember giving out Valentines day card.

How do families of other cultures handle the holiday season? Do you celebrate to some extent? Or stick to your own culture?

❤ Sarah

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