Blogmas 2014 Day 20 – Saturday Sick Day

to: blogmas 2014

I woke up this morning around 6:50am and started to throw up. My boyfriend ended up having to call in sick to work for me because I was still hugging the toilet at 8am.

I haven’t called in sick to work this year and I’ve told my managers the only time I would is if I had toilet problems and boy did I have that today. I feel soo bad for calling in sick during this time of year but when your tossing your cookies every twenty or so minutes from when you woke up till the time you should be leaving for work, you probably won’t make it to work on a bus, skytrain and another bus without throwing up.

So this has been most of my day thus far, I’m just happy I’m not throwing up anymore. Although if I was still throwing up, I’d probably be in a hospital.

Hope everyone else’s Saturday’s are going better than mine!

❤ Sarah

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