Blogmas 2014 Day 22 – Three Days till Xmas

to: blogmas 2014

I can’t believe in three days it will be Xmas. This holiday season has just flown by. Now I understand why people start shopping and decorating so early. I definitely feel like we ran out of time to do a lot of things but that’s ok. It has been an interesting learning process.

I also can’t believe I have made it this far blogging everyday. In some ways, it’s been easy and in other ways, it’s been difficult. I’m trying to think how I can make this blog work for next year. How many posts a week can I manage to put up? These posts have been quick and simple, so it’s a bit different but I’ll figure it out later.

Right now, I need to go wrap up some gifts and make parts of gifts.

Hope all of you are much better at this whole holiday thing than I am!

So behind!!

❤ Sarah

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