#selfcaresundays – January 25, 2015

to: me

I do feel like I am making this year, a year of self-care. These posts will continue throughout the year as a reminder to myself and my readers to do self-care. Self-care can be as simple as taking a bath at the end of the week.
My goal is to commit to doing self-care weekly and I feel like everyone should. Don’t just do self-care when you are burnt out, do it because it will prevent you from burning out.
These posts may become boring and mundane but it’s just a reminder that self-care can be anything.

This week my self-care has been reading and yoga. I have started doing yoga daily and will share my experience with you on Workout Wednesday. I have also started reading again and I’m happy I have a boyfriend who loves reading and inspires me to read more.

What has been your self-care this week? What do you do to help you get through the week?

❤ Sarah

Self-Care Sunday’s – January 11, 2015 #selfcaresundays

to: me

I think that this series is the perfect one to start off 2015.

Originally I wanted to do a reflection of 2014 post but I just couldn’t put words to paper (or in this case phone/computer). And now it feels a little late.

So, why is this series such a good one to start off 2015?

In 2014, I realized just how important self-care is. Self-care isn’t selfish as someone had once said to me. You can’t take care of someone else when you haven’t even taken care of yourself first. It is important and I want to spread how important it is, no matter who you are or what you do. You should take care of yourself.

To start the year off right, writing has always been one of my ways of self-care and this has translated into blogging. So my writing this post today is my self-care for the week.

What are you doing for self-care this week?

❤ Sarah