#selfcaresundays – January 25, 2015

to: me

I do feel like I am making this year, a year of self-care. These posts will continue throughout the year as a reminder to myself and my readers to do self-care. Self-care can be as simple as taking a bath at the end of the week.
My goal is to commit to doing self-care weekly and I feel like everyone should. Don’t just do self-care when you are burnt out, do it because it will prevent you from burning out.
These posts may become boring and mundane but it’s just a reminder that self-care can be anything.

This week my self-care has been reading and yoga. I have started doing yoga daily and will share my experience with you on Workout Wednesday. I have also started reading again and I’m happy I have a boyfriend who loves reading and inspires me to read more.

What has been your self-care this week? What do you do to help you get through the week?

❤ Sarah

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