#selfcaresundays – April 5th, 2015

to: me

This week I want to talk about letting go as a form of self-care. This week, I decided after weeks of contemplation to let go of my volunteer work. I was so happy to get accepted to volunteer at the beginning of this year but stuff happened and things changed. It was probably one of the toughest decisions I have ever made because it is volunteer work that I truly love.

I found it hard for me to quit volunteering because I was “quitting”. I’m not someone who just gives up when things are tough but it is something that I felt I had to let go because I knew that I may not be able to complete my commitment. Knowing that caused me a lot of stress because I began thinking, how can I fulfill my commitment, I won’t have enough time, etc. When volunteering became a chore and a stressor, I just knew I had to let it go. It was causing me more anxiety than it was anything else and that is when I knew I had to leave.

Have you ever found it hard to let go of something even though you knew it was causing you more stress than relief?

❤ Sarah

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