to: the boy who proposed

to: the boy who proposed

You are very brave to propose to the girl who never want to get married. I love you and even with everything going wrong, you still followed through with your plan. It’s what makes our relationship so perfect in a sense, the fact that it is so imperfect. Nothing ever works out as planned but together we make it work anyways.

A little back story before I go into how he actually proposed. Very early on in our relationship we joked about rings and proposing. After a few drunken nights (his not mine), I found out that he had a plan to propose and that he had already bought a ring. He was tight lipped about when he was going to propose but he did let it slip that he was going to do it before he started school. This was the extent of my knowledge.

The day he proposed, I was sick, which ruined his plan of getting an ice cream cake. Ice cream cakes are a favourite of ours. The day before or a few days before he proposed he tripped and hurt his hand, which ruined his plan of playing the song on the guitar.

So, what was he able to do?

He had worked that day and had come home to a sick and lazy me on the couch watching TV. He attempted to try and get me to get up and help him make dinner but I was being lazy and unhelpful. Ok, this part I’m a little fuzzy on but I remember he had started singing while we were on the couch waiting for water to boil. He had gotten up to check on the food, after he was there for a bit, I decided to get up and help. He proposed to me in the kitchen, got down on one knee and asked. I had said “yes” and kissed him but he didn’t hear me and had asked again and then I said “maybe”, then “I dunno” and then finally “yes” again.

So here is a tip boys, don’t give a girl who doesn’t want to get married too much time to think about. She might just change her mind.

So, that is our proposal story and why we decided to take pictures like this

Engagement Pictures by Alexander MacPherson
Engagement Pictures by Alexander MacPherson

And this is how the girl who never wanted to get married, got engaged.

❤ Sarah

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