to: pregnancy – my first trimester

to: pregnancy 

Why must you drain the life out of me? 

My first trimester was probably not as bad as some other people’s. It still sucked though.

Honestly, it started off similar to PMS for me so I didn’t think I was pregnant at first. I was tired all the time and my breasts were tender.

After I found out I was pregnant, my symptoms made sense. I would pass out almost immediately after work sometimes and still feel tired. This is coming from a girl that doesn’t sleep much, so it was weird for me. 

What was the worst about my first trimester?

Being sick and I don’t mean morning sickness sick, I mean I had a cold kind of sick. Since I was only in my first trimester, I basically couldn’t take anything which normally is fine because I don’t usually take medicine when I’m sick but I was sick for so long. My body wasn’t fighting it as quickly as it normally does. Part of the time I was sick, I was actually sick. The other half of the time, I got my cough. I call it “my cough” because when I was younger, I use to get a cough every time the seasons changed. After talking to a few pharmacists, I have found out that it may be asthma. What helped when I was younger was a humidifier (well a make shift humidifier of a bucket of water in my room while I slept). Eventually as I was getting better, we finally invested in one because my cough just wouldn’t go away and we figured we can use it when the baby is born.

How I felt during my first trimester?

Besides feeling sick, I felt really emotional and kind of down. I wonder if there is such a thing as prenatal depression? We hear so much more about postpartum depression but I feel like I had/have prenatal depression. I will be writing a whole post on this later. 

I know most of it is probably hormones but some of it was just leftover sadness from our loss. It was hard to get excited when we were still trying to comprehend what had happened with the chemical pregnancy. For awhile, my fiancé was a bit distant to me. I threw a tantrum as I always do to get people to talk (I don’t know why it works, but it has always been how I have been able to express myself and get true answers and feelings from my family as well). We fought it out and I got him to express how he really felt. That experience made me realize how hard it must be for families to lose a child and stay together. We all grieve and deal with things differently and forget that we aren’t the only ones grieving. It’s not his or her loss, it’s all of our losses.

Did I get morning sickness?

Nope. I will say that I was afraid I was going to get morning sickness because I had/have to work. 

I also want to say to new mommies-to-be, listen to your body.

My body told me that I shouldn’t take a prenatal vitamin whole or with dairy as it caused me to have an upset tummy. 

It also told me that I needed to be armed with snacks at all times because even though I wasn’t eating more at meals, I couldn’t allow myself to get too hungry as it will upset my tummy as well. 

Did I have any crazy cravings?

Nope. Same kinds of cravings I always have around that time of year, chips and gummy candy. 

What were my must-haves for the first trimester?

1. Prenatal Vitamins

2. Sports Bra – something not too tight but had padding so my nipples don’t show

3. Humidifier

4. Snacks 

5. Lemon and Honey (for when I was sick)

What were some of your first trimester must-haves? 

I wish I had a good photo to show you guys but that’s just how life goes. More pictures in my future posts though 🙂

❤ Sarah

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