#selfcaresundays – support

to: me

Sometimes the only way to take care of yourself is to ask for help.

We made the decision to keep the baby because I always knew that I would if I got knocked up by accident. I just didn’t know how hard it was going to be. My pregnancy really hasn’t been that bad, but I needed the support of my family. Part of me regrets not telling them earlier, but another part is happy that we waited because it was just one more adversity my fiance and I had to face together. It brought us closer together and understanding what each other’s needs were and what we could provide for each other.

I’m grateful to have a partner that is willing to push himself to near exhaustion to make sure that baby and me are okay. I often wish I could do more for him than letting him know that I’m here, cheering him on.

The worries and stress has really been lifted since we told our families. This is why, sometimes, self-care, is letting others know that you need help. For me, telling my family was a huge boost in support. The support I needed, someone to talk to, to give me other insight and feedback. I think telling my family also helped my fiance relax a bit too as they were very supportive and excited. I think telling his family has brought him closer to his family, well at least it’s made him put in more of an effort to meet up with them.

Support is such an amazing way to take care of oneself. So, don’t forget that self-care sometimes isn’t just about doing stuff for yourself, it’s about including others in your struggles as well sometimes.

Who are you grateful for for supporting you through those rough times?

❤ Sarah

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