#selfcaresundays – Netflix and Cuddles

to: me

Today, my son is 2 months old. I was fortunate enough to have had my mom come and help me for awhile but this week (well starting from Tuesday), it was all just me and my hubby. You can probably imagine how tired we both are now. Yet we ended the week with Netflix and cuddles.


Last year, my friend over at mumfection gave me a year of Netflix and I’ve been loving it since it’s hard to actually catch shows on TV nowadays with all of our crazy schedules.

Anyways, yesterday after lunch with hubby’s family, we came home and binge watched Jessica Jones. Not quite finished the season yet but am loving this new Netflix original.

It was nice to just cuddle on the couch and relax. We definitely haven’t done that for awhile. So, that was my self-care for the week. Just turning on a show and not worrying about everything we still had to do except you know, feeding the baby. Lol. 

Self-care is even more important now with an infant to take care of and the possibility of postpartum depression. So, this series will be coming back to my blog but rather than a weekly basis, it may be a monthly or biweekly thing. We will see how things go.

What has been your self-care for the week? How do you keep your sanity with an infant in the house? 

❤ Sarah

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