to: my baby – 2 month check up and shots

to: my baby Tux,

You are 2 months and a couple days now. I’m sorry you had to get a check up and shots but you did amazing. You only cried when the needles went in. I know it must have hurt but I also know you probably won’t remember this.

It’s for your own good. The most important thing for mommy is that you are safe and healthy. Don’t ever forget that.

You’ve had a rough morning. Even though you fell asleep right away while we were feeding you when we got home. You kept stirring and not really in a deep sleep. So, I’m holding you now till I have to feed you again. You are amazing and I love you!

❤ Mom

PS: I would include a picture but he really is just sleeping in my arms and I don’t want to wake him.

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