to: my baby – your first fever

to: my baby Tux

After your 2 month shots, you got your first fever. Daddy was super worried and sad (sad because he had to go to work). Mommy was worried too but not as much. We got Tylenol just in case as it was what the doctor recommended if you did get a fever. But I didn’t want to have to give it to you. So, I took some of your layers off and we had some skin to skin time. You were definitely warmer than normal and that’s when I wasn’t sure if I could help bring down your temperature.

Luckily you didn’t lose your appetite and still drank your milk like normal but you didn’t sleep well during the day so after that first bedtime feeding, we slept together. I never thought I would co-sleep but I also didn’t want to hold you in my lap all night long just so you can sleep well through the night. So you slept in my arm, I held you close sleeping on our sides. You slept till your next feed. A little fussier than normal but it could also be because I tried to measure your temperature. It seems like the fever has come down since and I’m relieved. I didn’t have to give you Tylenol. So, I put you back in your crib to sleep. 

The next day was still a struggle, you spat up a bit. Ok, a lot in one sitting and you had some diarrhea but you still didn’t lose your appetite and still drank your milk. You had a bit of a fever again but than you were back to normal in no time. You really got us worried there.

But you did it and all the while still happy and smiling.


❤ Mom

PS: for those reading this and questioning my parenting skills, the fever wasn’t high. It is an expected side effect of getting the vaccine. Tylenol was recommended but we chose not to use it as his fever wasn’t too too high not was he crying constantly. This is also not a post about whether or not you should get your child vaccinated. This is just a letter to my child.

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