Self-care Sundays

#selfcaresundays – thank goodness for ebooks

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Sometimes you have to go back to an old favourite. I use to love reading as a child but as I got further and further on with my studies, I started not to read for enjoyment anymore. 

Now that I seem to have more time. I say seem to because well a baby takes up a lot of time. One of those times while I’m feeding the baby, I started to read an ebook on my phone. Unfortunately an actual book would be too hard to juggle, so an ebook will have to do. It has made feeding him not seem so long and never ending.

One of my favourite things about reading is being able to get lost in the book with the characters.

What is something you use to do as a child that you still do to help with your stress?

❤ Sarah

PS: Happy Valentines Day!