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Happy First Mother’s Day to:me!

to: me

Yesterday was a bit bittersweet.

I had received my mother’s day gift from my baby daddy and baby the night before because daddy had to go up north for training. The gifts were everything I wanted, chocolate, tea, a card and a selfie stick (not for selfie-ing but for me to watch stuff while laying down with our son). Proof of what I got:

Side note: top left corner, is my baby a poser or what?

But all of that is also what made it bittersweet yesterday. I had brunch with my fiancé/baby daddy’s family and we left just before he had to start driving up north. The brunch was lovely even though baby was being cranky pants (I think he knew his daddy was going to be away) and I’m thankful for the chocolates his family got me. They are just super sweet to me and baby. Best in-laws ever? 

I don’t know if it’s due to the lack of sleep or some of the sappy things I had been reading and seeing online but after brunch, I came home and the tears just flowed. I missed my fiancé. I was scared. This is the first time I was going to be alone with Tux without his daddy for a week. We’ve been on our own for a couple of days at a time but never a whole week. I wish I could have spent the whole day of my first Mother’s Day with my family. 

Before people bash my fiancé for not being here, he didn’t have a choice of when training was as this was the earliest one for him to get into. 

My brain logically is ok with it but my heart, not so much. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! All you moms out there rock. Motherhood is tough.

❤ Sarah and 


One thought on “Happy First Mother’s Day to:me!

  1. All the tears I still cry always and at the silliest triggers over many things but never so much as I did when Lawrence was first born. It’s okay, totally normal – motherhood is scary but all things worth doing are right??

    Oxo see you tomorrow!!

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