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Fed Friday’s – Fed is Best Rant

Disclaimer: This is a rant. It’s not meant to offend anyone but it probably will and I accept that. Please be respectful of everyone’s opinions. We can all agree to disagree right?

to: parents

I never knew there was such controversy over how you feed your baby till I was pregnant.

First, Fed is Best. It shouldn’t matter how you feed your baby as long as you are providing for your baby. You are doing what’s best for you and your family.

What irks me the most is honestly this fight for the right to breastfeed in public. Why does this irk me? Because you do have that right (as far as I am aware it is legal to breastfeed in public in Canada), you moms are annoyed that some people look at you a certain way when you have your breast sticking out and in your child’s mouth or that some people find it offensive. I’m sorry but if you saw a random woman on the street with their breast sticking out, will you honestly tell me that you won’t stare and find it offensive? If you want to fight, go topless, make it the norm for women to be topless because it isn’t a norm, people find it odd and offensive. Some will say breastfeeding is natural but so is being naked thus my whole topless argument.

Now to continue with this topless argument is the fact that it’s not like exclusive breast pumpers can throw there boobs out and put the machine on their boob in public just to feed their child, and to make sure their supply doesn’t dry up. So, breast feeders, don’t you feel lucky you can feed your baby where ever and whenever they need to? This is again why I believe that the real fight is to make naked breasts a norm. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bring your pump anywhere and just sit on a bench and whip out your boobs to pump some milk rather than running home or hiding?

Now to change it up, formula feeders don’t you get annoyed when you go somewhere you have to bring twice as many things as a breastfeeder? Or how some other parents may shame you for formula feeding? Don’t be ashamed, don’t destroy yourself for not being able to breastfeed, be happy you are able to feed your child.

It doesn’t matter how we feed our babies but that they are fed yet we argue so much about breast is best, our rights and just in general what to feed, when to feed, etc.

What works for you, may not work for others.

Also, this isn’t a post FOR being topless, it’s more to show the ridiculousness of these arguments. 

Love yourself, love your baby, and feed your baby.

❤ Sarah


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