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to: me – parenthood changes almost everything

to: me

Before my son was born, I was still set on becoming a counsellor. Now, I’m not so sure.

Before I got pregnant, we wanted to travel the world together and get married (elope). Now, we have to think more about where we should spend our money.

It seems like everything has changed since being pregnant and having our son. Priorities have definitely changed.

It’s not a bad thing but it is what it is. And guess what, I feel like I’m back to square one.

To continue my studies and become a counsellor or do something completely different but am loving right now.

Writing is my therapy, thus this blog will remain “a little bit of therapy with a whole lot of life”. It’s also why I’m writing my thoughts aloud which is what this post is.

I’m thinking about doing both to be quite honest. I need jobs that are flexible with my fiancé’s schedule or I need a steady job with the same hours and earn more than minimum wage. Daycare is expensive and so I’ve been thinking of what I can do so that we aren’t spending my entire wage on daycare.

And here I end this post with a question to all those parents out there:

What changed the most for you once you were pregnant/had a kid?

Did any of you change careers right after?

Technically my fiancé was in the process of changing careers when I was pregnant and is now doing a little bit of both, which is exhausting for him but we believe it will work out in the end.

❤ Sarah 


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