Fed Friday's

Fed Friday’s – Baby’s First Solids

Since Tux is now 6 months and we have just had our 6 month doctors appointment, it was time for solids.

We may have gotten too excited and may have started with two things. Please keep in mind, we asked our doctor and we did wait till the new recommendation of 6 months to feed him solids even though he has been ready for months.

One being baby mum-mums, which by the way was his very very first. 

Then, we tried broccoli, which most people wouldn’t try first but we did because a) we love broccoli and b) it’s a vegetable that isn’t too too sweet.

Being first time parents we are playing around with it just as much as our son is.

Since we started solids, we figured it was time to give him water too. We are only giving water with the solids not replacing formula one bit.

Today would be day 3 of broccoli. We only fed the single baby mum-mum that first day and saving the other one for times when we can’t feed him formula like in the car. 

What was your baby’s first solids?

❤ Sarah


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