to: motherhood

Monday Momplaints – The Mom Bod

to: everyone

You hear about the dad bod but what about the mom bod? The dad bod is hot, the mom bod… Not so much?

Some moms call their stretchmarks, their tiger stripes but some moms don’t get stretchmarks. So that’s not very inclusive of all moms.

So, why don’t we start a new thing, the MOM BOD? 

It’s not about the scars or stretchmarks you can get from bearing a child and giving birth to a child because some moms can’t do these things and that doesn’t make them any less of a mom.

The mom bod is about whatever body you are in while taking care of your child. We should look at our chub as dads do. The dad bod is a thing, why can’t the mom bod be a thing. It’s hard work to take care of a child and sometimes moms neglect their own bodies and you know what, that’s fine. And for the moms that look amazing, you go girl! Be our inspiration. 

The Mom Bod – it comes in all shapes and sizes. It is the body that keeps us going while we take care of our children. 

❤ Sarah 

PS: follow me on Instagram @tomesarah and see my #mombod when a baby isn’t sleeping in my arms and I can actually take a picture #momlife


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