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to: parents – it doesn’t matter if you are sick

to: parents

It doesn’t matter if you are sick or not, you still have to look after your child.

After I posted my post on Monday, I fell ill (this is why I haven’t had a chance to take a pic of my #mombod). I ended up getting a mild fever and just didn’t feel well. Unfortunately for me, my fiancé was at work and was going to be working the next day as well.

Parenthood is about being sick and still having to do your job and look after your kid. And that I did. I wasn’t the most upbeat and playful with my child but I sucked it up and took care of my child the best I could at that moment. It was also the first time I was seriously ill with the child by myself. So, it was definitely a learning experience.

I found that it probably took me a day longer to completely get well, but I’m all better today. Not able to sleep all day was the major reason for the extra day of being ill. Hopefully I didn’t get my fiancé or my son sick. Not sure what happened.

The hardest part for me was just not being able to do the stuff I normally do like clean up. It didn’t help my son became super needy too.

I did almost everything, fed him, bathed him, let him play but I couldn’t do any of the behind the scenes stuff like wash his bottles, make his formula, get things ready, etc. I felt horrible leaving it up to my fiancé but I knew I needed to rest. 

I give kudos to any single parents out there who have to do everything on their own and literally get no days off. I’m lucky I have my fiancé who has always been able to pick up the slack.

❤ Sarah


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