to: me is a blog to help me focus myself on my journey to do something I love.  It’s about my path to becoming a psychologist, a counselor.


a girl struggling to keep her focus on her goals and letting life get in the way. some people are ambitious, competitive, and driven but sadly, i am not one of those people. so this is me, forcing myself to focus on what i really want to do and become something.

2 thoughts on “about

  1. I love this, but I must say, it’s interesting to me that you would write that you aren’t driven because it seems that you most certainly are- this blog is such a concrete testament to that! Just my opinion, though 🙂 I suppose we all have different ideas of what that word means. The fact that you could make such a clear and honest blog is inspiring!

    • Aww, Thank you! This blog was started to keep me driven. Drive is not something that naturally comes to me as it does to other people, I really have to push myself and this blog helps me stay on the right track. Thank you so much for your lovely comment =)

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