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Happy First Father’s Day, Daddy!

I actually surprised my fiancé with an early Father’s Day before we left to come to Taiwan. I came up with the idea when I realized we would be in Taiwan for Father’s Day and Father’s Day in Taiwan is on a different day than in Canada. 

I wanted to make it special and to show my appreciation for him. I’m so fortunate to have a partner that actually is my partner in parenting. You hear about moms complain about dads all the time but I have no complaints. He’s an amazing father to our son and loves him to pieces. So, here are some pictures from that day.

He had no idea I had gone behind his back and did this. His gift was a shadowbox with his favourite sleeper of Tux’s. 

In the picture above, he’s pointing at the picture of him holding Tux when he was just born and remembering how little he was. We both can’t believe our son’s so big now.

And here’s an outtake. 

Hope all everyone had a very happy Father’s Day!

❤ Sarah

Fed Friday's · Food

Fed Friday’s – Red Bell Peppers

This week into our journey with solids, Tux tries red bell peppers.

hmmm..this is new
I don’t know mom

We figured he should try a different coloured vegetable. We’ve been going green thus far so thought we’d try something not green. He’s starting to get the whole holding in hand and shoving into mouth thing now. 

ok. I think I like this.

What I have learned and this isn’t for everyone as everyone’s baby is different but it’s easier for him to hold the food and feed himself when it’s long and not small tiny pieces. Basically it gives him a handle to hold on to. He has teeth and not going to lie, sometimes we get scared when he shoves the whole thing in his mouth but he’s been pretty good at spitting it back out as well. We have also learned not to over steam the veggies so that it automatically disintegrates in his hands, having it a little bit tougher seems to be more enjoyable for him as he can gnaw on part of it. He hasn’t quite figured out how to deal with the part that’s in his palms. 

Food drunk

And the baby eating solids adventure continues. Next week, what will he be having in Taiwan?

❤ Sarah

to: my readers

to: my readers – life update

to: my readers

In a couple weeks I will be taking my fiancé and son to Taiwan to visit my family and for my family to meet the baby. 

Keeping that in mind, my goal is to at least have one post up per week from now till I get back from Taiwan.

That being said, I have so many ideas for posts and hope that I can post more than one post a week. 

I just wanted to update you all before I seem like I dropped off the face of the earth. I’m not, just going on a trip with my family and going to enjoy my experience.

Thank you for reading!

❤ Sarah

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Monday Momplaints – Diaper hoarders

to: parents

I know a lot of moms who buy up a bunch of diapers when they are on sale or there’s a misprint to save money. I know that some babies need to be changed the minute they wet their diapers. I know that others just want to be prepared.


Come on. Seriously? How do you even figure out you need like 5 or more cases of diapers? How do you know how quickly or slowly your child is going to grow out of said diapers. I understand buying oh an extra case or two when there’s a super good deal on but I’m sorry I don’t understand.

Isn’t it more of a waste when you don’t use them all? Yes, you could trade them or sell them in mom groups or even donate them but ultimately you are creating more of a hassle for yourself, are you not? Wasting money that could maybe be better used elsewhere or saved.

I don’t understand because at 6.5 months, my son might not even finishing going through a Costco size case of size 3 diapers because he is growing out of them. I personally will most likely donate my too small diapers or my sisters baby will use them as she is much smaller and growing much slower currently. 

Do you know why it bothers me? There are real people in need of cheap diapers that might not get a chance to get them because people are buying 5 or more cases at a time. To me, it just seems unfair.

I’m totally going to get bashed for this post probably but I don’t care.

First time moms/new moms, it’s nice to try and be prepared but honestly you won’t know how many diapers you will go through till you have your baby and calculate. You won’t know how quickly your baby is going to grow till they are growing like a weed like mine is. There is no magic number of how many of each size of diaper you should prepare for. And some baby’s butts have preferences for what diapers work best for them. You’d think all diapers are the same but they aren’t. 

Every baby is different.

My best advice, study how the sales go for diapers. There is always sales on diapers and yes, some will be better than others. And keep money aside for diapers. Have a jar for money for diapers if you want to be prepared.<3 Sarah

Fed Friday's

Fed Friday’s – Baby’s first solids pt.2

So, our journey with solids continues. Since last week, he’s tried cucumber (randomly) and peas yesterday.

First of all, are babies allowed cucumbers raw? I can’t imagine eating cucumbers not raw. He had a bit of a taste when we were over at my fiancé’s moms house for a barbecue. He just wanted to eat what I was eating, so I looked at my fiancé and he shrugged sure so I let my baby suck on a slice of cucumber. I had bit into it already, and later we just cut the skin off since that’s a bit tough for him.

I know I know, we keep getting too excited to feed him food and keep not following the rules.

One new food a day for 2-3 days. 

Anyways, we just started peas yesterday and he seems to like it. Definitely the pea out of the pod and definitely not the pod. Lol. Baby trying new foods is so much fun.

❤ Sarah