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Fed Friday’s – Red Bell Peppers

This week into our journey with solids, Tux tries red bell peppers.

hmmm..this is new
I don’t know mom

We figured he should try a different coloured vegetable. We’ve been going green thus far so thought we’d try something not green. He’s starting to get the whole holding in hand and shoving into mouth thing now. 

ok. I think I like this.

What I have learned and this isn’t for everyone as everyone’s baby is different but it’s easier for him to hold the food and feed himself when it’s long and not small tiny pieces. Basically it gives him a handle to hold on to. He has teeth and not going to lie, sometimes we get scared when he shoves the whole thing in his mouth but he’s been pretty good at spitting it back out as well. We have also learned not to over steam the veggies so that it automatically disintegrates in his hands, having it a little bit tougher seems to be more enjoyable for him as he can gnaw on part of it. He hasn’t quite figured out how to deal with the part that’s in his palms. 

Food drunk

And the baby eating solids adventure continues. Next week, what will he be having in Taiwan?

❤ Sarah


Foodie Friday – Whistler Eats Part 1: BG Urban Grill Review

to: me

Last week, my boyfriend and I took a mini getaway to Whistler all thanks to a Christmas gift from his sister. We didn’t do much in Whistler but relax and spend time with each other. What we HAD to do though, was eat. So, I thought I would share some of the places we decided to food at while we were up there.

First stop was BG Urban Grill.

By the time we had gotten up, packed and drove up to Whistler. We were starving. So, we checked in to our hotel and left our stuff in the room and started roaming around for a place to eat. This was one of the first places we saw, and we decided to try it out.

I had the Thai Curry Wrap and my boyfriend got their cheddar burger I think. We also had a couple of alcoholic drinks that I can’t remember the name of. Lol. 

We were greeted and seated right away. We had asked for water to start as we were still trying to figure out what we would like to eat. When the water came and I was going to take a sip, the glass smelled like wet towel. I don’t know how to explain it but you know when your towel doesn’t try completely, it leaves a smell. Anyways, that’s kind of why we ordered some drinks. 

The food was good on the other hand. The Thai Curry Wrap was spicy but I like spice so I can’t complain. The sauce it came with complemented the wrap quite well, since it was a big sweet, it took down the heat a bit. 

The price wasn’t too bad for Whistler. 

Would I recommend it? 

I feel like there are other places in Whistler that we could have tried and wished we had planned out our dining options a little better. I don’t think it was horrible, I have had worst. It’s an option if you are looking for something not too fancy and not too expensive.

Originally I was going to put all of the places in one post but then, I realized how long this post already was with one review.

See you next week for my next Whistler Eats review!

❤ Sarah

Food · Self-care Sundays

#selfcaresundays – February 1, 2015

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This week’s self-care has involved eating good food and ice cream.

A couple days ago I had gone out to dinner with a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in awhile. We ended up going to The Sandbar Restaurant for DineOut Vancouver.

Here is a pic of the amazing dishes:


Normally that would probably be enough of self-care for the week but Saturday ended up being more stressful than expected. So, I had some ice cream.

Self-care can be as simple as eating a bowl of ice cream and as amazing as having a lovely dinner with a friend and catching up with them.

Don’t forget that self-care should be done when you need it but also when you don’t. Take care of yourself, and everything else will just become easier.

What did you do for self-care this week?

❤ Sarah